Solution to week 10, Morphology

Morphology Exercises A quick overview of the morphological operators Erosion: , where is the image, and is the structuring element. Dilation: Opening: Closing: Top-hat : Bottom-hat : Solution to the assignments from the book: The solution. Contents Exercise 4.4 - Part A Exercise 4.4 - Part B Exercise 4.4 - Part C Exercise 4.4 - […]

Solution to exercises week 6

Contents Exercise 1. Matlab exercise for recognition of round objects Step 3: Remove the Noise Step 4: Find the Boundaries Step 5: Determine which Objects are Round Exercise 2. Matlab exercise for selecting grains with a given orientation Step 2: Use Morphological Opening to Estimate the Background Step 3: Subtract the Backround Image from the […]

Solution to exercises for week 4

Week 4: Exercise This weeks we have been given both some exercises from the book and some matlab exercises/tutorials to demonstrate how to use the matlab watershed algorithm. Contents Problem 10.2 : We'll start of with problem 10.2 from Gonzales and Woods Problem 10.38 Problem 10.39 Problem 10.43 Exercise 5. Matlab exercise with Watershed segmentation […]

Week 3 : The Hough Transform, Updated

Contents Week 3 : The Hough Transform Creating the accumulator matrix Hough transform example 1 Hough transform example 2 Hough transform example 3 Hough transform example 4 : Image of corridors Using the built in function Hough Detecting circles with built in Huff transform in MATLAB A naive Huff implementation Some work for you Week […]