Solution to the exercises for week 2

Contents Week 2 : GLCM exercise Task 1 : GLCM implementation Task 2 : Treshold the GLCM feature images Task 3: Compare with first order texture measurements Task 4: Using Laws texture mask to find texture features Function for Task 1 : Gliding window GLCM Function for Task 1 : The GLCM function Week 2 […]

Solution to the exercises for week 1

Here is one way of solving the exercises. Please notify me about any bugs. Contents EXERCISE 1 The filtered image have a two pixel wide black frame. b) Use FILTER2 and CONV2 with the option 'valid' to remove these. EXERCISE 2 EXERCISE 3 b) c) EXERCISE 4 The simplest: change the treshold?? Alternative with edge […]

Week 1 : Introduction to MATLAB

This weeks assignment is a quick introduction to MATLAB for image analysis. The original file is found under the "Undervisningsplan" on the course web site. The solution to this exercise will be uploaded when it is thirthy minutes left of the group lecture. If you are on a Red Hat machine, MATLAB can be launched […]